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21.31. The NetworkLatencyBehavior Object

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21.32. The NetworkLatencySimulator Object

Provides the ability to locally simulate network latency without the need for third party network weather simulators. This allows different clients running on the same host machine to be configured to have different latencies to test various scenarios, e.g. one large latency client connected other lower latency clients.

While this is a useful developer tool it should complement, and not replace, testing remotely on, and testing with multiple independent client machines.

Required scripts

/*{{ javascript("jslib/networklatencysimulator.js") }}*/

21.32.1. Constructor create


Creates and returns a NetworkLatencySimulator object.

This modifies Utilities.ajax() to delay its messages.

Individual MultiPlayerSession objects can be added using ‘addMultiplayerSession’.


var behavior = NetworkLatencyBehavior.create({latency : 50,
                                            delayPeriod : 1000,
                                            delayDuration : 100});

var simulator = NetworkLatencySimulator.create(behavior);
An object that implements the NetworkLatencyBehavior interface.

21.32.2. Methods addMultiplayerSession


Modifies the MultiplayerSession object to delay its messages.