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2. Installing the SDK

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4. Supported Platforms and Browsers

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3. Support

If you are having difficulties with Turbulenz Technology, the following support resources are available for developers:


Discussion forum:

Open source contribution:

3.1. Turbulenz Documentation

Documentation for Turbulenz technology can be found:

  • Included with each SDK, up-to-date with that SDK version (in HTML and PDF formats).
  • As part of the open source turbulenz_engine repository, buildable with the ‘docs’ command.
  • Online at with the latest information.

Programming Interfaces

The API reference gives the details of all available calls and their arguments:


For SDK releases:

Changes, fixes and upgrade information between SDK releases are included in the release notes:

For open source repositories:

Changes, fixes and upgrade information between updates to the open source repositories:

Known Issues

A list of the latest problems and caveats we are aware of. Some issues will be addressed by updates to the Turbulenz SDK/open source repositories, some require fixes from 3rd parties and some require longer term workarounds.

If you think something in the documentation is incorrect, doesn’t make sense or is missing, please let us know.

3.2. Turbulenz Engine Users Group

There is a Turbulenz Engine Users Group on Google Groups. This is a public forum for news, questions, discussions, showcasing work, feature requests and more:

To post on the group:

  1. Log-in using an existing Google account or create a new one.
  2. Click the “Join group to post” button.
  3. Set your email and display name preferences and click “Join this group”.
  4. Press the “New Topic” button near the top of the page to start writing your post.
  5. You can click the “star” icon below the title to add the group to your favourites. If you find the group useful, you can promote it using the +1 button.

The Turbulenz team actively maintain the group by posting news/updates and responding to questions.

3.3. Contributing

If you have a bug to report, patches or pull requests for any of the open source Turbulenz products you can submit them via Github here:

See the contributing section for more details.