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25.19. deploygame

25.19.1. Usage


deploygame [options]

Deploys a game from Local to the Hub.

25.19.2. Options


Show version number and exit.

--help, -h

Show help message and exit.

--verbose, -v

Verbose output.

--silent, -s

Silent running.

--input=INPUT, -i INPUT

Manifest file for the game to be deployed.


Hub login username.

--password=PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD

Optional hub login password (will be requested if not provided).


Hub project to deploy to.


Hub project version to deploy to.


Project version title to deploy with, for existing project versions this will overwrite the existing title if supplied. For new versions this defaults to the project version.

--cache=CACHE, -c CACHE

Folder to be used for caching deployment information. Recommended to use the same one used for Local located at devserver\localdata\deploycache.


Hub url, defaults to


Use maximum compression, will take MUCH longer, may reduce file size by an extra 10%-20%.

25.19.3. Example

deploygame -v -i apps\sampleapp\manifest.yaml -u user --project=sampleapp --projectversion=1.0 --cache devserver\localdata\deploycache