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31.8. Turbulenz SDK 0.23.1

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31.9. Turbulenz SDK 0.23.0

31.9.1. Summary

Turbulenz SDK 0.23.0 is an update for both the Turbulenz Engine Installer and SDK components.

31.9.2. Change List New Features Changes

  • Support for Internet Explorer 10 has now been added.
  • Support has been added in Turbulenz Services for play before sign-in. Games that are built with this version of the SDK will automatically support play before sign-in, when available on Fixed

  • In previous versions, calls to Turbulenz.setInterval() in plugin mode could generate callbacks at 60Hz independent of the interval value passed in. This has been fixed.
  • The previous version of the Turbulenz Engine installer (0.22.0) for Mac OS X unconditionally replaces parts of existing plugins, even if a newer plugin is already installed. This has been fixed, but users installing 0.22.0 after later versions of the engine should be aware of this behavior and should ensure that they (re)install the newest Turbulenz Engine after 0.22.0 if they wish to continue using the 0.22.0 engine alongside newer versions.
  • Callbacks from the NetworkDevice are now called asynchronously, fixing an inconsistency between the canvas and plugin versions.
  • Sending of websocket data >8kb was being incorrectly buffered in the plugin (T1221)

31.9.3. Known Issues New

  • An implementation difference between canvas and plugin GraphicsDevice implementations has been observed:

    • WebGL clears the back buffer after a present.
    • WebGL clears all created buffers.

    Not all platforms will demonstrate the same behaviour in the plugin. To ensure consistent behaviour you should clear all relevant buffers and not rely on the WebGL behaviour.

    For more information see Graphics Device

  • SVG sample fails to run in Internet Explorer 10 Unchanged

For a list of current known issues see the known issues section.