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31. Archived Release Notes

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31.2. Turbulenz SDK 0.26.1

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31.1. Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0

31.1.1. Summary

Turbulenz SDK 0.27.0 is an update for both the Turbulenz Engine Installer and SDK components.

31.1.2. Packaged Components

The following versions of Turbulenz products are packaged in this SDK:

  • turbulenz_engine - 1.2
  • turbulenz_tools - 1.0.4
  • turbulenz_local - 1.1.3

31.1.3. Change List New Features

  • Added a setProgress method to the LoadingScreen object.
  • Added a additiveMatrix method to the TextureEffects object which allows transforming of the red, green and blue color channels. The additiveMatrix function is used in the textureeffects sample with new red, green and blue additive sliders.
  • Added onperformancewarning callback to flag code that is likely to be sub-optimal. In particular, developers planning to target mobile devices should consider using this to help avoid performance issues. Changes

  • The packaged Local server has been updated to version 1.1.3 for a detailed list of changes see turbulenz_local changelog
  • The packaged Turbulenz Python tools have been updated to version 1.0.4 for a detailed list of changes see turbulenz_tools changelog
  • The JavaScript VMath global is no longer always the same object as MathDevice (returned by TurbulenzEngine.getMathDevice()). In particular, in the canvas-debug build configuration they are now distinct objects (albeit with the same interface). This is intended to help catch errors that may only appear on certain platforms.
  • MathDevice now includes type checks in canvas-debug mode, to catch cases where developers use the sub-optimal Array types. (Note that VMath is intended to accept either Array or Float32Array arguments, whereas MathDevice expects all arguments to be Float32Array, which results in much faster execution). At this stage, developers must implement the onperformancewarning callback to receive these warnings. This behaviour may change in future versions.
  • All native-implemented math types (Vector3, Vector4, Matrix33, etc) have been removed and replaced by Float32Arrays. This, along with the other math changes, greatly improve consistency across platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where relative Stereo sounds sources cannot be given a position other than the origin. If you encounter the error message: “Stereo sounds only supported for relative sources at origin!” then you will need to either: - Use mono sound files - Use absolute positioning - Set the position of the sound source to be the origin
  • Detailed release notes for changes made to Turbulenz Engine 1.2 can be found in the changelog.


Due to the addition of mathdevice.js for canvas builds any templates generated with the tools will need to be regenerated to include this additional file. If using the Turbulenz open source build mechanism, clean then build your projects. Fixed

  • Fixed background sound source bug in Protolib.
  • Fixed a bug in the ForwardRendering skinned Blinn and flat techniques.
  • Fixed a bug in Physics2D rayCast method.
  • Added missing documentation from Physics2D Arbiter object.
  • Fixed a bug in Scene when re-adding an un-modified root node.

31.1.4. Known Issues New

  • Importing tools/local server directly from Python has changed. Previously you could import them using ‘*’ and ‘turbulenz.devserver.*’, now you must invoke them via ‘*’ and ‘turbulenz_local.*’.
  • Any manual changes to release.ini configuration files have to be manually applied to the release.ini, after first running the local server command for the first time, since the file needs to be generated.
  • The default list of games in the local server flows onto the next page. You must click the arrow to scroll to the second page to see all applications. Unchanged

For a list of current known issues see the known issues section.